I started my company unofficially in the summer of 2016 after a friend insisted  I design her a custom suit for her wedding. I was like "are you sure you want me to do this, this is one of the most important days of your life".

At that time, I was only two years of out of design school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and still getting adjusted to working full-time as a Menswear Designer. Though I had made a suit for my final collection, which was the most grueling experience of my life, I wasn't really sure I was ready for that level of responsibility on my shoulders yet. I mean its a wedding and its custom. Talk about pressure.


But being the type of person that I am - I always say yes and figure the rest out later. I took her measurements, sketched some styles out, sourced fabric and trims at one of the two fabric stores I was familiar with (MOOD), found a tailor to work with me and the rest was history. The first thing that ever had my name on it ended up in the NY Times and NY Magazine Weddings. 

It wasn't until the following year, February 2017 that  I decided if I was going to be serious about turning this into a business, I needed a true workspace. Thanks to my Aunt who is an interior designer and a magician working with my small budget, she helped convert my living room into a cozy yet productive live/work space. Its here that I designed and produced my first capsule collection for NYFW in September and do alterations and custom design work for clients. 


What I love most about the space is that both sides have two very different feelings to them but flow together effortlessly. My drafting and sewing area has an industrial feel. I sit there and im on a "lets get shit done" type of vibe while the other side I feel instant calm . I believe your workspace should fit your personality, especially when you spend so much of your time there. Im a very laid back, low key person, which feels like a complete opposite of someone living in NYC and working in the fashion industry most times, but to be in a space that keeps me motivated and inspired but also calmed and humble is essential and has helped me progress and focus in business.

One thing I hope for, however is more storage space but for now its a great set up for me to think of new ideas and design into them, welcome new clients for alterations and fittings and also have friends and family over for dinner and drinks.